About Us

We are a small (2000L) brewery situated in the heart of the tourist village of Waitomo Caves. We produce unique, fresh, flavor focused beers from a high-tech, custom designed SmartBrew™ Brewery. Brewing in small batches allows us the flexibility to push the envelope and showcase our distinctive beers at their finest, fresh from the brewery.

We believe that beer tastes best coming out of a tap in the company of good friends, which is why you will only find our products available on tap at trusted bars spread throughout the King Country. Or you can come fill a growler at Curlys Bar in Waitomo Caves to enjoy our beers at home.

Tap Badges


Bruce – Holiday Park owner and driving force behind KCBC’s conception

Willie – Local farmer, Mr. fix-it larger than life and staunch supporter of everything King Country.

Curly – Local bar owner/icon. The name and smile behind the legendary “Curlys Bar” providing a calming influence and expertise behind our bar and distribution.

Rob – Tourism operator and our biggest critic, a very discerning palette.

Shane – Barman extraordinaire, passionate salesman who after a few sentences makes you feel like you really need to taste this marvelous brew for yourself.